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About Us

When Gale Borger was a small child, her mother had a large rock garden. The rocks came from the family's hayfield, and everyone helped roll them into piles, which were later picked up and moved to the front yard. Gale's mother painstakingly placed the rocks in strategic locations, moved them around, and put them back where they were. The rock garden was never finished. She wanted her rock garden to look natural and have character. Over time, she added moss, wood, and native plants she found around the area.

The Family Garden

Gale still remembers her mother stopping to "rescue" a trillium, or some other endangered flower, in order to give it a new home in her rock garden. She kept a shovel in her truck, and whenever she saw something she could use, she would jump out, dig it up, and carefully wrap the roots so as not to damage the plant or dry it out on the ride home. The resulting garden wasn't structured or fancy, but with her creative mind and dedication to plants, Gale's mother create a lovely space to share with her family and friends.

A Splash of Color

Through the years the rock garden grew and matured, but due to a very busy life and the work of raising four daughters, Gerry eventually let it be reclaimed by the surrounding land. This past spring, Gale walked through the area that was once her mother's rock garden. Only a gentle rise in the ground marked the spot where her garden so sweetly grew. As Gale turned to leave, a splash of color stopped her. She saw four tiny shooting stars nodding in the early morning breeze and smiled, because she knew her mother was still working on that rock garden.

Gale's mom passed away July, 2014, and a very special part of Gale's heart went with her. She instilled in Gale a love for gardening, and a creative mind, and some of Gale's best days are spent digging in the dirt.