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Gardening as Therapy

Gardening has many benefits for community health. At Gerry's Garden in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, we offer gardening therapy and community gardening workshops throughout the region. By taking our show on the road, we hope to teach others how to make what we make and encourage interest in gardening among people of all ages.

Memory Centers

Once per week, we visit a memory center for people with Alzheimer's. Gardening is a beautiful, therapeutic activity that seniors love. This is a great opportunity for therapy and education. We also offer gardening sessions at seniors' homes and communities for people with developmental disabilities.

Gardening Education

You're never too young or too old to start gardening! We offer community gardening classes to people of all ages. Gale is a master gardener with a master's degree in education. She teaches herb, vegetable, and flower gardening in a container garden, and how to think outside the box, focusing on the artisanal side of plants. You'll learn how old-fashioned toolboxes allow you to have herbs throughout the year, how to grow miniature tomato plants, and how to grow basil, chives, and rosemary in hanging  baskets together with vegetables in miniature. It's a hands-on education that you can't buy in stores. Our services are ideal for:

Schools | Churches | Community Organizations | Boy & Girl Scout Groups™